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1.1. Under this limited warranty, your watch’s parts and workmanship are guaranteed under abnormal use for 24 months from the date of purchase.. Customer needs to send back the watches to ATOLIO VEGAS warehouse in Germany Munich, and responsible for the return shipment charge and Germany import custom tax, ATOLIO VEGAS will responsible for the shipping charge from ATOLIO VEGAS company to customer’s warehouse after exchange well. Customer has to check the goods quality after receiving the goods, please do not discard the outer packaging and the wooden frame. If the return occurs, please be sure to restore it according to the original packaging method to ensure the safety of the goods. If the original packaging is damaged and the transportation is damaged, the buyer shall bear all the losses. The problems like dial scale are uneven, case eye skew, asymmetric, scratch on the buckle etc. Generally belongs to the manufacturing defect, they are covered under warranty.


 The Quality issue does not apply in case of:

- Theft or loss;

- Intentional damage;

- Damages as a result of improper use such as scratching, bumping or falling;

- Normal wear and tear or aging of the used materials; 

- Damages as a result of neglected care.

- Watch exposed to the environment with extremely high or low temperature, crown not locked, would easily cause moisture or liquid penetrate into the watch. This kind of mishandling is not within warranty.

- Different water resistance usage, but all the watches that ATOLIO VEGAS made should not be exposed to more than minor splashes of water or to chemical substances such as perfume, cosmetics, and cleaning products.

3atm water resistance - The watch is resistant to everyday use and light rain. 

5atm water resistance - Cold water bath

10atm water resistance - Swimming and snorkeling

20atm water resistance - Deep sea diving

- Customer acknowledges and agrees that ATOLIO VEGAS watch is fragile and will break if not handled with care. The warranty on watch only relates to demonstrable production errors. ATOLIO VEGAS watch should not be exposed to chemical substances such as perfume, cosmetics and cleaning products as this may lead to discoloration.

- After the sale, due to the variety of reasons, glass broken or scratch, case scratches, back cover scratches, crown crooks, etc. Generally belongs to the use, not covered under warranty.  




Our 2 Warranty covers everything we state won't happen to your ATOLIO VEGAS piece. 

Starting to see tarnishing or fading on your item? We'll replace it.

Accidental break? We'll replace it.

Scratched pendant? We'll replace it.

Just email a photo of the item to our support team at along with your order number and we'll process a replacement item for you or Atolio Vegas store credit to spend on something else from our store.

No questions asked, no judgement, no fuss.

* Our 2 Warranty only covers what we state won't happen, if your ATOLIO VEGAS piece is lost, stolen, damaged purposely or damaged via a third-party, we can't cover this. Failure to provide a photo of the defective/faulty item voids the warranty.